Optomechanics – Training and a Party


Well, Spring finally decided to arrive.  It was almost 60 degrees in Pasadena yesterday!

 And I’ll be going to Orlando shortly, on the 25th, to celebrate the season.  That’s not exactly true:  I’ll also be presenting a paper on how the mechanical engineer assures that the laser system and the imaging system stay aligned with the gyro (or other inertial sensors) in a stabilized sensor suite.  That’ll be on Tuesday morning, the 26th, about 11:40.

Then I’ll celebrate.  Oh, but only a little, because on Wednesday, the 27th, I teach class all day (Optomechanical Analysis).  Then I’ll really celebrate, at the banquet that night.
SPIE’s Symposium on Defense and Security is a great gathering!  I’ll be there most of the week and I hope I’ll see many of you there.
Come and celebrate too!

Al H.

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