Alson E. Hatheway
President, Principal Engineer
AEH Inc.

Honors and Awards:
OSSC Lifetime Achievement Award – 3rd Recipient
Life Member of ASME
Fellow of SPIE
Fellow of OSSC
Senior Member of AIAA
Who’s Who in Science and Engineering
Who’s Who in America
Who’s Who in the World
Five Patents

Service to Industry:
Board of Directors: SPIE
President: OSSC and Fellows Chair
Chairman: AIAA, San Gabrial Valley Section
Chair: SPIE’s Optomechanical/Instrument Technical Group
Vice Chair: ANSI-ASME B46, Nanometer Metrology
Faculty: University of La Verne
Tutorial Instructor (4)

Authored over seventy technical papers
Edited eleven conference proceedings

A Few Optomechanical Engineering Projects:
LAD 1968
AN/ALQ-123 EW Cover 1971
AIRS 1974
HALO 1976
ADOPT 1976
E Target 1980
Thermal Weapon Sight 1984
Lucky Strike 1984
Optical Pressure Transducer 1984
Airborne LIDAR 1984
Talon Gold 1985
LBE 1985
R/AF-18 HUD 1986
F/O Acoustic Sensor 1986
Star Lab 1988
LEAP/Gremlin 1988
UVPI AWST Cover 1989
Lambda Prime 1989
IRIS litho lens 1990
2145 litho lens 1990
RAFT 1992
SBIRS Low 1995
SBIRS High 1996
F/O encoder 1998
Microscope Projector 1999
AMSD 2000
CA/295 2001
FAME 2002
IFTIS Window and Pod 2003
Optical Correlator 2003
ATP Laser 2003
DART 2004
HAS 2004
Optical Vibrometer 2005
Seeker Head 2006
Compact Dewar 2007
Stitched Lens Cluster 2008
Detector Mount 2008
FCS 2009
Configurable Slit Unit 2010
Red 2011
Cryogenic Spectrometer 2012
Dewar Optics 2012

B. S. Mechanical Engineering: U. C., Berkeley
Registered Professional Engineer: California
Design Engineer: Boeing, Ford Aerospace
Engineering Manager: Xerox, Hughes Aircraft, Gould