Ivory 3

Ivory 3
Managing the Mechanics of Images

Unified Optomechanical Modeling with the Ivory 3 Optomechanical Modeling Tools


Ivory is AEH’s prime tool for engineering thermally and structurally reliable optical systems. It is a software tool developed for engineers, designers and analysts who work with optical instruments. It reads the physical prescription data for the optical design and automatically produces the complete array of coefficients of all the influences of all of the optical elements on all of the image motions on the detector. It also produces the imaging properties (focal length and principal points) of all the optical elements and the locations of all the intermediate images (real or virtual) in the system.

Ivory’s data provide engineers and designers with tools for working out favorable solutions for many of their trickiest design problems:

Balancing the tolerances in the instrument assembly
Minimizing temperature and pressure sensitivity of focus
Designing alignment mechanisms and procedures
Locating and sizing fold mirrors
Minimizing boresight errors
Minimizing image motions on the detector and many, many more.

Ivory also supports all kinds of analytical methods from long hand calculations to spreadsheet analyses (data in a text file format that is importable to Excel) and finite element structural and thermal analyses (data in a Nastran bulk data file format for import to a finite element model).

Ivory is the first choice of optomechanical engineers for these challenges. Ivory may also be of interest to other professionals in the optical industries.

The Ivory Optomechanical Modeling Tools
Controlling Lines of Sight and Lines of Propagation in Stable Systems
Ivory / Ebony Unified Modeling Presentation
Ivory Generates ALL of the Influence Coefficients


Correcting Lens Positioning Errors
Correcting Thermal Focus Errors
Optomechanical Tolerance Analysis
Optomechanical Static Analysis


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