Self-aligning ™ Instrument Flexures

Series 6000 Self-aligning ™ Instrument Flexures

Our Series 6000 Self-aligning Instrument Flexures are constructed from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. Each flexure is machined from one piece of material providing continuous properties throughout the piece.

Size: The size of a flexure is the length of the flexible web; a 2.00 inch flexure has a web 2.00 long.

Proportions: The proportions of the flexible web are constant among all members of the Series. The characteristic proportions of Series 6000 are 1) the web is square, being as wide as it is long and 2) the thickness of the web is 1/100 of its length. These, along with the material properties, determine the kinematic ratio (the ratio of stiffnesses) for the Series which is independent of size. The flanges are proportioned to accommodate the mounting hardware and do not follow a simple scaling law (see the reverse side).

Mounting Hardware: The flanges of the flexures are designed to accommodate threaded fasteners that can develop the full ultimate tensile strength of the flexible web. The flanges provide clearance holes for two mounting screws (per flange) of the following nominal sizes:

Size 1.00
Size 2.00
Size 4.00

Mounting Screw:
#4 (.112 inch diameter)
#10 (.190 inch diameter)
5/16 (.312 inch diameter)

Note that the flanges allow clearance for a heavy flat washer under the head of the screw and therefore the designer may use either internal or external wrenching fasteners.