Calibrated Elasticity Devices

Series 1000 Angstromtm Actuators
with a dynamic range of 10,000:

Model Range, micrometers Repeatability, nanaometers
-1/10 .1.01
-1/100 .01.001

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Calibrated elasticity devices are designed to offer the designer of precision instruments and experimental apparatuses the advantages of elastic behavior: linearity, stability, low thermal sensitivity, and structural integrity.

Structural Integrity and Stability

Calibrated elasticity devices are constructed of the highest quality structural grade materials. This allows the instrument designer the freedom to rely on these devices to support a substantial mass for a payload or movable sub-assembly. They are intended to be used as prime structure. The metals used in these devices may range from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy to 174PH stainless steel or even refractory alloys and are selected for their strength and dimensional stability characteristics. The specifications presented in this brochure are for devices constructed of 6061-T6 aluminum.

Thermal Sensitivity

Calibrated elasticity transducers have extremely low sensitivities to temper-ature change. Since the mounting base of the transducer and the mounting base for the payload are co-planar the nominal length of the transducer is “zero” and the trans-ducer is entirely self-compensated for temperature sensitivity. However, during operation the two planes may move out-of-plane by as much as the range of motion of the transducer; if that range is 1.0 micrometer and the material of construction is 6061-T6 aluminum the thermal sensitivity of the transducer may be as great as 7x 10-12 meters/degree Kelvin.


Calibrated elasticity devices produce their effects by elastic processes (which are linear by definition). As a result the devices exhibit exceptional linearity and non-hysteretic behavior. Non-linearities may be introduced by the drive mechanism but these may be controlled by the designer. The chart below is a typical hysteresis curve for a simple actuator composed of a calibrated elasticity transducer body, a micrometer driver and a track-pad.

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