Micrometer Head

Vernier Micrometer Head (with precision spherical tip)

Model 2001-1 Vernier Micrometer Heads

Our Model 2001-1 vernier micrometer heads are custom designed and manufactured to our exacting engineering standards for use in precision mechanisms. They are constructed with a hardened corrosion resisting steel spindle. The sleeve and thimble are bright satin finished with embossed graduations filled with flat black for high contrast and easy reading. The body of the micrometer head contains an adjustable female thread which may be used to minimize play between the spindle and the body.

The tip of the micrometer spindle is precision ground to a .2500 inch spherical diameter. The ground spherical surface is carefully centered with respect to the spindle shaft and threads to minimize the eccentricity of the tip’s motion when the thimble is turned to advance or retract the micrometer tip.

These micrometer heads are specially designed to work in concert with our Series 7007 Track-pad ™ micrometer tip cushions, 1/4” size, to provide smooth predictable motion without cross-axis motion defects. This micrometer/track-pad combination will give years of trouble-free service.

The precision .025 pitch thread (40 threads per inch) provides uniform axial motion to the tip of the micrometer spindle over a distance of 1.0 inch. The axial motion is directly readable to a resolution of .001 inches on the thimble and a resolution of .0001 inches by the vernier on the sleeve, yielding a dynamic range of 10,000:1 (range:repeatability). These micrometer heads are provided with a finger tip operated thimble lock to prevent inadvertent motion of the spindle.

The body of the micrometer may be retained in a .375 diameter mounting hole either by its lock-nut (included) or by clamping (as with a slotted mounting hole with a tangential clamping screw). The body may also be retained by threading it into the receiving structure using the thread provided for the lock-nut (M9.5 x 0.56g metric thread).