Hectortm Calibrated
Displacement Actuators

For Z-axis (height) nanometer-scale calibration of interferometers, profilometers and AFMs


AEH’s HECTOR-100 is a calibrated displacement actuator that converts electrical current into very small physical displacements. The displacements occur at a superpolished silicon target which can carry contact instrument stili but is also reflective to visible light for operation with non-contact instruments. The physics of the actuator’s transduction effect is mature and well understood, entirely linear and hysteresis-free and very stable over time and temperature. Hector produces steps of any size between +100 and –100 (grooves) nanometers with an uncertainty of about 0.04%.


Hector-100 Pamphlet
Step Height Calibration using Hector
Hector 10 Flyer
Hector 100 Flyer
Specifying and Measuring Nanometer Surface Properties
HECTOR: trans-nanometer Z-axis calibration artifacts for semiconductor process control (paper)


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