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Rubicon Actuator

Developed by AEH under contract to NASA’s Langley Research Center, the Rubicon has been tested in a variety of NASA and industry laboratories at temperatures from 20° K to 310° K and sea level pressure to 10-8 torr. It has consistently demonstrated repeatability of 3.5 nanometers (fine stage) and stroke of 10 millimeters (coarse stage) over the entire temperature range. With the power removed it is stable to less than 0.01 nanometers per day and less than 50 nanometers per °K, demonstrating a true “set and forget” actuator technology over the entire temperature range. To download a copy of the final report to NASA Langley, click here “Rubicon Final Report” (419 kb, .pdf).

Rubicon I & II Actuators

Developed by Moog Inc. (under a license from AEH) the Rubicon II comes in two configurations: a single stage actuator with repeatability of 7.8 nanometers over a stroke of 100 micrometers and a dual stage actuator that can position the fine stage anywhere in a 6 millimeter stroke. Designed to a limited set of requirements for a specific optical instrument application (Next Generation Space Telescope) the Rubicon II has demonstrated its accuracy and stability in tests from 30° K to 310° K and from sea level pressure to 10-8 torr. To see some results from the test program, click here “Test Data” (207 kb, .pdf).


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Rubicon Actuator
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