Optomechanics – Is in the Details


Optomechanical engineering isn’t always big stuff:  hyperspectral sensors; ISR systems; image trackers; boresight control; etc.  There’s a lot of fun in the small stuff too.

For instance, how can you verify that an ultra-light mirror will be 1/8th wave or better when used in space?

How do you fix a lens assembly product when a large fraction of them fail the MTF test?

How do you drive a lens 10 mm with only 300 nm of runout?

A wag might declare, “It’s all in the wrists,” but there’s a whole lot more “fun” than that implies!  The Devil is often in the little details.

Yes, AEH does big stuff, we enjoy the small stuff and we make house-calls too. 

Whatever helps you!

I’ll be looking for all of you in San Diego in a few days!

Al H.

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