Optomechanics – Very High Precision Optical Vibrometer


I have recently finished the mechanical design of a very high precision optical vibrometer (it can measure picometer motions at distances of kilometers).  I helped to conceive the instrument and my name is one of those on my client’s patent application.  It all came out of a brain-storming session about two years ago.  It was intended for use by one individual so size and weight were critical.

The design was developed as a 3D solid model in AutoCad 2007.  A partial view of the assembly is attached.  It is a zooming optical system with six (6) moving lens groups.  The lens groups are all servo-controlled.  An alternate lens attachment (not shown) permits working distances as short as 50 meters.  The layout along with indentured drawing and parts lists were delivered to my customer who wished to prepare the (160 or so) mechanical drawings in-house.  They converted the AutoCad file to ProE for their draftsmen without difficulty and are now proceeding into the hardware.

I’m looking around for another interesting project.  If you think you might have something I’d like to talk to you about it.

I hope the beginning of 2007 has found you healthy and prosperous.

Al Hatheway

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