Optomechanics – Training


The last couple of months have been just frantic with activity and I have not had time to remind you that I’m offering my tutorial,

Optomechanical Analysis,

just less than four weeks from now,

Tuesday,January 22, 2008,

during Photonics West, SPIE’s Symposium in San Jose, California.

If you know anyone who may want to take the course please pass along the registration site,

http://spie.org/app/program/index.cfm?fuseaction=COURSE&export_id=x13090&ID=x16885&redir=x16885.xml&course_id=E0833634&event_id=774275&programtrack_id=840931 ,

(that’s a piece of cake, right?).

I hope you all are having a wonderful Holiday and that I’ll have a chance to visit with each you in the coming Happy New Year, 2008.

Al Hatheway

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