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Well, the weather’s warming up here in SoCal.  The beach and surf await us all.

SPIE’s annual gathering in San Diego awaits us as well.  I’ll chair an evening meeting of the International Technical Group of Optomechanical Engineers (8 to 10 PM on August 30th).  Professor Tony Hull (UNM) will be our feature speaker.  He’ll discuss the recent advances in light-weight glass-ceramic mirrors for space (and other) missions.  And there’ll be Conferences, Equipment Exhibits, Tutorial Classes, Evening Receptions, the Grand Awards Banquet and great camaraderie.

Don’t forget to visit SPIE’s book display near the registration area.  There you’ll be able to leaf-through a copy of my new book, The Optomechanical Constraint Equations:  Theory and Applications.  I have bared all of Ivory’s secrets in this tome.  If you visit the SPIE Publications website:


you’ll get a quick glimpse of what you’ll find in the book.

And for the surfer-dudes among us the beach and the blue waves will be only a ferry-ride away.

I look forward to seeing you all in San Diego:  Hopefully, nearer the books than the breakers!

Hasta luego, caiman!

Al H.

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