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On the evening of May 6th, during SPIE’s Defens+Security+Sensors Symposium, I’ll be hosting a meeting of the Optomechanical/Instrument Technical Group.

Our speaker will be Steve Rummel, Director of Product Technology for II-VI Infrared of Saxonburg, PA.  II-VI is a major supplier of optics for CO2 laser applications.  Mr. Rummel will discuss new developments in highly stable, heat resistant materials for use in high power applications, especially where a high quality optical finish is required on the surfaces.  He’ll review the microstructure and property data II-VI’s reaction bonded silicon carbide, discuss diamond-containing formulations for ultra-high heat load capability and present B4C containing versions which compete with beryllium.

This is the East Coast meeting of the premier group of optomechanical engineers that design and analyze the world’s optical instruments and systems. This gathering is open to all attendees to the Defense+Security+Sensing Symposium. Anyone who wishes to put an item on the agenda should contact the Chair, Al Hatheway, at aeh@aehinc.com.

The meeting will be from 8 to 10 PM in the Hilton Hotel associated with the Baltimore Convention Center.  Check the Symposium Program or the registration desk for the room’s location.

The Baltimore DSS Symposium is a terrific gathering of the technologists that “make it all happen.”  It’s only two months away.  Set the time aside now, you’ll be glad you did.

I look forward to seeing you all there.

Al H.

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