Optomechanics – Optomechanics and the Tolerancing of Instruments


I will be presenting my tutorial “Optomechanics and the Tolerancing of Instruments” in San Diego on August 13th during SPIE’s Optics and Photonics Symposium.  The course is primarily intended for mechanical engineers and designers in the optics industry and may be of interest to other optics professionals as well.

In the tutorial I develop the full theory of the Optomechanical Constraint Equations (OCE).  They relate the position, orientation and size of an image to the position and orientation of each of the optical elements that form it.  I work through numerical examples to assist the student’s understanding and illustrate the application of the OCE with examples, static and dynamic, from my engineering practice.

The OCE are the basis for the AEH/Ivory Optomechanical Modeling Tools (version 2.6 currently available) that are the mechanical engineer’s first choice for design and analysis of optical systems.

For more details on  the course visit SPIE’s web site,


or send your questions to me.

I’ll also be hosting an evening meeting of the Optomechanical Technical Group, probably on Tuesday (but more on that later) as well as cruising the conference rooms, receptions and exhibit halls.  It’ll be a big week!

Hope to see you all in San Diego from August 12th through the 16th.

Al H.

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