Optomechanics – A Unified Optomechanical Model


The end of summer was a crazy time.  Whew!

On my return from our San Diego meeting I helped develop the structural design for a new optical system.  That seemed more important, at the time, than a biennial, “Thank you,” in a newsletter.  Optics had to stake its claim for structural resources (stiffness) competing with the other disciplines.  A Unified optomechanical model was the method.

We got it and the initial concept meets the specifications now.  So…

Now… I can take a moment to thank all of you for making this year’s gathering in San Diego, of the International Technical Group on Optomechanical Engineering, a resounding success:  Thirty-two published papers in a two-day conference, two outstanding invited speakers (one on optical tolerancing, one on readiness assessments) and an evening meeting on ground-based testing of space-based optical systems.  SPIE’s Optics+Photonics Symposium was the perfect host.  They and I look forward to organizing a similar event in two years, 2017, and we expect to see you all there one more time.

Thank you, thank you and thank you, my colleagues.  I apologize for having ignored you all these weeks. 

All is well at AEH and Autumn is safely here now.

School has started, the parents are on the loose again…

…and The Great Goblin awaits!!!

‘Tis time to keep your tools sharp!

Al H.

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